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Dianne Keast Independent HempWorx / MDC Affiliate

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Ask me how I am! ...

And for a change I will say "I'm doing really well!!" I started a new Biz & I feel well too, amazing!... I am an affiliate of this wellness company. I love being a part of a business model set up to help people and be so genuine, positive and uplifting. My favourite part of the company is that they are free thinkers & innovators.Before I ever considered joining the company I loved the product so much because they changed my health picture but I also thought too bad its one of those "network things".... Now the more I get to know the company the more I love it. Cutting edge products everyone can use to improve their wellness & quality of life. 

(My story is about personal experience and is anecdotal, I make no claims about CBD, I am sharing my life as I experienced it. That being said this is the best work from home job I have ever had! )

"Founders, Josh and Jenna Zwagil, broke all the rules of Networking Marketing when building MyDailyChoice, a Triple A classified Opportunity by Business For Home, the highest rank, yet they succeeded anyway.

  • You’re not supposed to build the field before building corporate, but they did.
  • You’re not supposed to make $100 million in your fourth year, but they did.
  • You’re not supposed to pay out 85% of business volume to your affiliates, but they do.



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